Expert Facial

The custom facial that caters to your unique skin concerns. Now available with 20 different treatment options.


The 50-Minute Expert Facial is a custom facial experience that comprises expert treatments targeted at your unique skin concerns. Our treatments, which has been approved by our team doctor, are all medical grade with proven efficacy.

Key Benefits

With over 20 treatment options to choose from, each Expert Facial is guaranteed a healthy mixture of targeted treatments and nourishing treats catered to your unique needs.

Treatment options include: ​LED light therapy, chemical peels, IPL and other tailored solutions like manual extractions and custom-blended masques.

Why It's Essential

We all have different skin needs and concerns that are unique to our age, lifestyle and skin types. Due to external and internal stressors on our body, our skin concerns may also change in a matter of weeks. With a fully customizable facial that targets your top skin concerns at each point of visit, you are not only able to better treat your skin – you are also able to finally work towards your skin goals.

How It Works


Start with a skin assessment

Our expert aestheticians first get to know you and your skin. They are trained in the practice of assessing your skin and goals, so that they can customize the best 50-minute Expert Facial to get you there.


Spend 50-mins with an Expert

Your 50-minute Expert Facial will include a combination of advanced, high quality med-grade treatments that will target and treat your unique skin concerns. Solutions for your skin and schedule.


Leave with better skin!

Our expert aestheticians will share more about the treatments used and guide you on how best to keep your skin glowing. Leave winning in your best skin!


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Get what's always guaranteed with each visit: expert guidance, attention to detail, quality care and proven solutions!

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Expected Results

Problem-free skin with the best skin days ahead

Our Expert Facials are designed to cater to your skin needs at each point of visit so as to help you achieve your skin goals. With regular sessions, you may expect to see progressive results and improvements in your skin complexion, texture and health.

While good skin days don't come instantly, we know our way around it. Our experts are ready to partner with you to help you #reset old ways through new routines. Quit delaying and introduce your skin to a 50-minute Expert Facial – your skin is ready for better days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a suitable candidate for this facial?

The beauty of customizable facials lies in its ability to suit every individual's unique skin needs. The 50-minute Expert Facial is made for everyone and works well to target problem skin while providing general maintenance. From acne to clogged pores to dry or oily skin, we have the right solutions to suit everybody’s unique skin needs.

Why is the facial 50-minutes long?

Time is a commodity. In today's society, people are getting increasingly busy as they juggle to manage work, business, family and other social commitments. The 50-minute Expert Facial was created as a solution for the go-getter who wants to free-up more of his or her schedule while prioritising his/her skin needs.

Is there any downtime involved?

It is unlikely that there is any downtime involved as our treatments are mostly non-invasive. However, in the event you opt for manual comedone extractions and/or our chemical peel treatments, you may experience some downtime due to the nature of the treatments.

How is the Expert Facial different from a traditional salon one?

The Skindays 50-minute Expert Facial is different because it is primarily custom-focused to suit every individual’s unique skin needs at the point of visit. This means that every facial done with us monthly may be different, depending on your unique skin needs at the point of visit. Our expert aestheticians have been trained by doctors to assess your skin and recommend the right treatments for you. This is different from a traditional salon where every facial done is likely similar, since they are primarily packaged-focused and require customers to purchase a certain number of prescribed facials for a lower price point. Ultimately, we believe that our skin concerns are always changing and that custom-focused facials are the way to go. In addition, traditional facials also include spa-like procedures that are for the feel-good factor and do not directly benefit skin. Our facials are primarily result-focused.

How often should I come for the facial?

On average, our skin takes 27 days to renew and regenerate itself, we thus recommend Expert Facials to be done at least once a month for best results. At the end of the day, your monthly facial treatment depends on your skin needs. Our expert aestheticians are always here to guide you in customising the best facial routine for your skin goals.

What is included in the Expert Facial?

The Expert Facial will include a combination of advanced, high quality med-grade treatments that will target and treat your unique skin concerns. These include ​LED light treatments, chemical peels, IPL brightening treatments, skin tightening treatments and other tailored solutions like manual extractions and custom-blended masques.

Are extractions included?

Yes, extractions are included as an option in the Expert Facial. If you love to opt for extractions, do inform our aestheticians during the skin assessment stage.

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